12 July 2022 Conservative Friends of Ukraine Launch.

Liz Truss discussing Ukraine

On the 12th of July, the OUUS attended the launch event for Conservative Friends of Ukraine, represented by their co-founder Eleonora Suhoviy. Held at the Carlton Club, there were also the Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko, the Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, as well as other Members of Parliament. 

Noteworthy was the speech delivered by Truss, where she made various pledges of support towards Ukraine. She emphasised the need to stop Russia’s ambitions of expansion in Eastern Europe, making references to the failures of appeasement policies in history. She also spoke of the need to support Ukraine’s resistance against Russia. That included sending an extra 1 billion pounds of weapons to Ukraine, ending the supply of Russian gas to Europe, continuing current sanctions on Russian oligarchs until Russia withdraws from Ukraine, and urging their allies to do the same.

Truss went on to address her desire to support Ukraine in economic reconstruction, given “75% of [Ukraine’s] economy has been destroyed by the war”. She outlined the recently announced support package aimed to rebuild Ukraine, which included bringing businesses into Ukraine to repair necessary infrastructure, and providing financial support. The goal, she hoped, was that Ukraine would become one of the world’s top destinations to invest in by 2023. “You deserve our support, our solidarity, … our money, helping you rebuild what you have lost because of this appalling war perpetrated by Putin” she said, to a smattering of “hear hears” and applause from the audience.

She ended her speech by stating that support for Ukraine supervened political battles, even her own bid for Prime Minister, and that she hoped the UK would do what it takes to support Ukraine regardless of who became leader of the Conservative Party.

The UK’s support for Ukraine looks reasonably hopeful, and the OUUS is looking forward to attend similar events in the future.

7 April 2022 Ukraine Fundraising Dinner.

On Thursday 7 April, with the generous help from Nuffield College, the Oxford University Ukrainian Society (OUUS) hosted a fundraising dinner for Ukraine. Through this event’s charitable donations, we were able to fundraise a substantial £11,800 for Ukrainian charities such as Voices of the Children, Come Back Alive, and Razom for Ukraine, all of whom are doing fantastic work to help Ukraine during this horrendous and inexplicable war.

The event, organised in a significantly short period of time, saw over 60 attendees partake in a three-course Ukrainian meal, prepared for us by the Nuffield chef. At the drinks, the Nuffield bursar welcomed the guests with an introductory speech about the dinner. The meal, consisting of Ukrainian borsch, chicken Kyiv and deruny, and surnyky pancakes with a berry compote for dessert, allowed the Society to share a tiny bit of home with our guests, a much-welcomed gesture during such unprecedented and terrible times. 

During the dinner, our attendees heard a number of speeches from the President of the Society, Kateryna Marina, and representatives of the Oxfordshire County Council, Nicholas Field-Johnson and John Howson, Chairman of the County Council. All speakers voiced grave concerns about the war in Ukraine, its impact on the country and its population, and urged to continue supporting Ukraine through donations and humanitarian aid. 

The dinner ended with a lively auction, organised by Roman Tokaryk. Roman’s energetic auctioneering and emceeing skills reaped successful results, with all objects being auctioned off, raising an additional £1,800 to support the chosen charities. 

The Society would like to extend its gratitude to Nuffield College, who allowed us to host this dinner in their College on such short notice and at no cost. We would also like to thank the organisers, Artur Doshchyn, Kateryna Marina, Nicholas Field-Johnson, Eleonora Suhoviy, and Roman Tokaryk for their hard work in making this event happen. 

We are also hugely grateful for the support of the wider Oxford community. The work conducted by the members of OUUS, particularly since 24 February, has been remarkable, especially considering the dreadful circumstances that every member has had to deal with personally. We thank our team for their unwavering dedication and commitment to help Ukraine fight for its sovereignty and against Russian oppression. 

6 March 2022 Second Solidarity with Ukraine Rally held in Oxford, reported in the Oxford Mail.

2 March 2022 OUUS members Eleonora Suhoviy and Roman Tokaryk interviewed about the war in Ukraine by Cherwell.

27 February 2022 The OUUS organized Solidarity with Ukraine protest attended by over 1000 students, local residents and supporters from different corners of England. The protest was reported in local and national media, including the BBC, The Daily Mail and the Oxford Mail.

Solidarity with Ukraine protest in Oxford

24 February 2022 Cherwell and Oxford Mail reported on the OUUS president Katrina Marina organising a protest in central Oxford attended by Ukrainian, British and international students in support of Ukraine, as Russian invasion rages by land, sea and air.

A rally in support of Ukraine outside Radcliffe Camera. Image credit: Cyril Marlik
BBC South Today

OUUS rally in central Oxford and interview with Eleonora Suhoviy on BBC South Today News on 24 February 2022.

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  1. Доброго дня, шановні побратими!
    Сьогодні о 17:30 спільнота з Oxford Brookes University планує провести мітинг на площі перед Westgate (Bonn Square), на підтримку України! Ми дуже заохочуємо вас приєднатися і підтримати протест! Якщо є можливість принести прапори України або будь-яку іншу національну символіку, буде дуже добре! Постери також підтримуються!
    Гарного вам дня та мирного неба над головами! Єднаймося🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️

    Good afternoon, dear brothers and sisters!
    Today at 17:30 the community from Oxford Brookes University plans to hold a rally in front of Westgate (Bonn Square), in support of Ukraine! We strongly encourage you to join and support the protest! If it is possible to bring the flags of Ukraine or any other national symbols, it will be very good! Posters are also supported!
    Have a nice day and a peaceful sky over your head!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️

  2. What a splendid and well-attended rally this afternoon outside the Radcliffe Camera! I met several people I knew there.

    I missed the announcement about Ukrainian music. I’d like to attend such an event in the future.

  3. I am so distressed by what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. I have contributed to aid organisations but wonder what else I can do.
    I have medicines, including antibiotics that I cannot use that are within date. Do you know of anyway that I can donate these.

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