Dear visitor, Ukraine needs your help!

Below you will find up to four straightforward ways in which you can make an immediate contribution.

Monetary contributions to charities:

All money raised will be sent to medical and humanitarian organisations on the ground.

Thank you for all your support. Together we will stay strong and overcome the horrors of war.

Dontae to our bank account: Oxford University Ukrainian Society, account number 82552468, sort code 30-96-35. Thank you.

Protesters at the Ukraine Solidarity Rally

Ukraine-related events

Many organisations are running fundraising events in support of Ukraine. Please share your event with us.

Practical help

If you would like to offer practical help and support to Ukrainians, please complete this form.

Thank you for your support

Can you or do you know of someone who is willing to provide transport from the UK to Ukraine?

Then please send us an email with the subject “Transport”!

Thank you for your support!

Donation drive:

If you have or would like to donate clothing items, livelihood utensils, first aid and medical supplies, electrical devices and other useful items (see list below for more suggestions), you can drop them off at Clarendon Centre (entrance via Cornmarket St). Opening hours are Thursday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

IMPORTANT: All donated goods will be driven from Oxford to London and then directly to LVIV, UKRAINE. The goods will then be redistributed to cities in most need by local volunteers, whom we are in touch with regularly. We will keep you updated on the location of the donations as we progress.

Donations will be delivered directly to people in Ukraine either via post or by trucks. 

People staying in Ukraine need: 

Wi-fi routers 


Power banks 


Headlamps and torch lights with batteries 

Portable generators 

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, plasters, and bandages

Antifungal/’Athlete’s Foot’ Cream (clotrimazole)

Hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectants 

Medical tourniquets (CAT Gen-7) and pressure bandages (Israeli 6’’)

Instant heating packs (thermochemical pads)

Sterile gloves and medical gowns

Thermos flasks 

Containers for liquid food

Sleeping bags 

Foam mats (to put under the sleeping bag)

Mini seat pads (for one person to sit on the ground)

Balaclava ski masks (dark colours)

Men’s tactical gloves 

Men’s thermal clothing in good condition and dark colours including underwear and socks (please do not bring worn out items)

Warm men’s clothing (good condition, dark colours)

Men’s patrol/combat boots (in good condition)

Small/folding shovels 

Bags for sand (standard size) and large trash bags (120 litres)

Please ONLY bring items on the list below, we are unable to accept anything else. Where possible please bring your items boxed and/sorted by type.

If you can help with receiving and sorting the collections, please contact Karolina Bassa on email Thank you!