It is time for us to live for Ukraine’.

With these defiant lines by Ivan Franko I would like to welcome to the society friends, new members, old members, students and academics whom, as a co-founder, it has been my pleasure and honour to serve and guide for the past 15 years.

This year has begun with a significant development for Ukraine: the issuing, by the Patriarch of Constantinople of a Tomos of Autocephaly for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church; this established the Church’s independence for the first time since the introduction of Christianity in the Kievan Rus’ by Volodymyr the Great. In March the Ukrainian people will vote in presidential elections the outcome of which will surely bring about further transformations for the country’s young democracy, as it travels along its hard path towards democratic government, the rule of law, freedom and justice.

Our Society aims to work together with Ukrainian ministries, cultural centres and organisations. We will invite important and interesting speakers to address the Society: artists, musicians, diplomats and politicians, and people who have raised the profile of Ukraine internationally and contributed towards the many positive changes already seen in Ukraine.

Eleonora Suhoviy