Hilary Term

Far Right Movements in Ukraine - Myth, reality and Risks

When: Thursday, 5th March, 7pm

Where: Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson College, OX2 6UD

Oxford University Ukrainian Society is pleased to invite you to a meeting with Anton Shekhovtsov, a renown expert in Ukrainian and European far right movements. Over the last year, Ukraine has been repetitively portrayed as a country with strong and politically influential far-right movements, and accusations of fascism have been used by Russia to justify its interventionist politics. How true are these claims? What is the real influence of far-right organisations in Ukraine and who stands behind them? Is their popularity on the rise?

About the speaker:
Anton Shekhovtsov, Visiting Fellow at New Europe College (Romania), Editor of the "Explorations of the Far Right" book series at ibidem-Verlag and Member of the Editorial Board of the Open Access e-journal Fascism: Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies.

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Maidan - Movie Night

When: Thursday, 26th February, 7pm-10pm

Where: DPIR , Manor Road Building Theatre

Commemorating the anniversary of tragic events happened in Ukraine, Oxford University Ukrainian Society and DPIR Film Society invite you for a movie night featuring documentary film Maidan by Sergey Loznitsa. This documentary film was officially selected for Cannes Film Festival. It depicts the events that happened in winter of 2013/14 in Ukraine, that started as a peaceful protests of hundreds of thousands civilians and soon turned into bloody street battles. These events preceded what turned into one of the biggest modern geopolitical crises in Europe. There is going to be a special pre-movie presentation as well as discussion with participants of the events.

The admission is free and refreshments to be provided.

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Inter University Ukrainian Society Social

Approaching Hilary’s mid-term period, members of the OUUS visited London to attend a social meeting of inter-university Ukrainian Societies. Apart from the OUUS members, a few tens of Ukrainians studying at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London Business School and University College London came to chat and communicate with fellows. The social, which took place in the White Hart pub, was preceded by heads of the Ukrainian societies meeting and discussing future prospects of cooperation and organizational issues of that. As the idea to gather Ukrainians turned out to enhance social cohesion, it is planned by the OUUS to host a next gathering at Oxford by the mid-Trinity.

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Haytarma Screening

On January 29, 2015 the Oxford University Ukrainian Society organized a movie night at the premises of the Department of Politics and International Relations in tight cooperation with the DPIR Graduate Film Society screening “Haytarma” film. The movie portrays a Crimean Tatar pilot and a twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amet-khan Sultan against the background of the 1944 Stalin-era deportation of the Crimean Tatars to Central Asia. The movie was positively appraised by a few tens of spectators who were attracted by the event and actively inquired about the specifics of the Crimean Tatars’ history.

The Ukrainian Society would like to tribute gratitude to Mr. Akhtem Seitablayev, main director and actor, who kindly provided a copy of the film to screen, and the DPIR Graduate Film Society, which assisted in organizing the event.

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Michaelmas Term

Meeting Ukrainians in the Community

Following a Christmas spirit, members of the OUUS visited a senior Ukrainian lady living in Didcot. We were approached by one of the local charities working with the NHS to help elderly people in the community. Olha has been living in the UK with her daughter Larisa for more than a decade and they were both very glad to have an opportunity to speak their native language and meet young people from Ukraine. It was an enriching and positive experience for everyone as Olha proved to be an amazing woman with lots of stories to be told. A next visit is planned in February, which you are welcomed to join.

OUUS 10th Anniversary

As this term is coming to an end and Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, I am happy to invite you all to our second (and last this term) social event by Oxford University Ukrainian Society.
The event will take place at Malmaison Oxford's Cocktail Bar (4 floor) on Sunday, 30 November, at 19.00.
Also, did I mention that in November our Society celebrates its 10th Anniversary? This Sunday is going to be a perfect occasion to raise a glass and celebrate it with a drink, friends and some good music.
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OUUS Members Meet Ihor Dolgov

After presenting at the Oxford German Forum, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belgium and Head of the Ukrainian Mission to NATO Mr. Ihor Dolgov met the members of the Oxford University Ukrainian Society.

The meeting took place at Campion Hall where the members of the Society had an excellent opportunity to talk to the Ambassador. Mr. Dolgov was interested in hearing about students’ experience at Oxford and their future aspirations. He stated that the new generation of well-educated people will be an essential impetus and force in changing Ukraine for the better.

The members of the Oxford University Ukrainian Society also availed of the chance to get insight onto cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. After the meeting, the Master of Campion Hall kindly took the guests on a friendly tour of the premises showing precious collections of art, as well as the Hall’s chapel.

Talk by Vakarchuk

On Nov 18, 2014 one of the most influential Ukrainians, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, delivered a talk about the Future of Ukraine, which was organized by the Oxford University Ukrainian Society.

Svyatoslav, among other things, pointed out that the Ukrainian events form part of the long-lasting fight for freedom and democracy in the country. He drew attention to the historical reasons that might well explain the current developments. One of his main points was a shift towards the creation of civil society based on democratic values and human freedoms, which are at the core of modern Western democracies. He insisted, however, that changes happening in the society should be sustainable, and it might take some time to change the situation and it is not a rapid transition but rather a continuous process of positive changes.

Although acknowledging the challenges of present, he was filled with optimism for the future of Ukraine. Svyatoslav emphasized the importance of individual contribution and personal responsibility for building a better Ukraine. In particular, young generation should lead the change.

Since many people wanted to get the first-hand opinion from more than just a prominent speaker but also someone who was actively involved in the events in Ukraine, the discussion turned out to be very productive and lively. This event was as a great success and the Ukrainian Society is thankful to both Svyatoslav and those who attended.

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May 16, 2017
Mikheil Saakashvili. National interests in the post-truth world

Date and time: 25 May 2017, 5:30 PM
Venue: Blavatnik School of Government
Admission free
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Mikheil Saakashvili was President of Georgia for two consecutive terms between 2004 and 2013. As a result of Saakashvili’s reforms in Georgia, the rate of corruption in the country was drastically reduced and the business environment was improved significantly. In 2015, Mr Saakahsvili became the governor of Ukraine's Odessa region, a post he held until November 2016.

The lecture will be introduced by Professor Ngaire Woods, Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government, and moderated by Yelyzaveta Yasko, current MPP student at the School and President of Oxford University Ukrainian Society.

The event is free and open to all. To attend, please register here.

May 9, 2017
Eurovision Party Fundraiser — London
Date and time: Saturday 13 May 2017, 18:30-0:30
Location: Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 154 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UH
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The Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London is inviting everyone for the live broadcast of the Eurovision Grand Final in Kyiv. This year’s theme is ‘Celebrate Diversity!’ It will be an unforgettable evening, full of music and dance as well as delicious authentic Ukrainian food. Additionally, there will be a chance to enjoy some beer and a BBQ in the garden. Each ticket includes a free drink and authentic Ukrainian snacks.

Places are limited and early booking is advisable. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards British-Ukrainian Aid’s humanitarian projects.
Apr 25, 2017
Gennadiy Afanasiev on His Road to Freedom

Date and time: 26 Apr 2017, 4:00 PM
Venue: Merton College, the Mure Room
Admission free
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The Trinity term has begun, and this week we will have an outstanding opportunity to meet Gennadiy Afanasiev, a Ukrainian human rights activist of Crimean origin who spent over 400 days in Russian prison. One month after the annexation of Crimea, Mr Afanasiev was arrested on the charge of 'terrorist activities' after participating in pro-Ukrainian demonstrations and sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in a Russian penal colony. As a result of a high-profile prisoner exchange, he was released in 2016. We are delighted to welcome him to Oxford to tell us about his struggles, captivity and ongoing activism.

Feb 21, 2017
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Date and time: 23 Feb 2017, 8:30PM
Venue: Worcester College, Lecture Room B, OX1 2HB
Price: £1.50 (includes a glass of wine)
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International Film Society is showing one of Paradjanov’s masterpieces, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

Paradjanov, an Armenian director and one of the great cinematic geniuses of Soviet cinema, tells a simple Romeo-and-Juliette-like story set in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. In Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, the simple tale of the unrequited love of Ivan and Marichka serves to revolutionise the art of story-telling in cinema, showing astonishing originality through the use of music, cinematography and camerawork. The film is a hypnotising whirlwind of colour and sound set against a background of folklore and traditional tales, which seems to come to us from another world. 
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/7516458